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It’s Not The Market.
It’s The Marketing!

As a real estate agent, I understand that selling a home can be a challenging task. But with my expertise and market knowledge, I assure you that your property will be marketed to the right audience, and that’s where my services come in. I know that it’s not just about the market, it’s about the marketing. That’s why all homes listed with me are advertised on dozens of the top realty websites, ensuring that your property reaches the widest audience possible. With my proven marketing strategies and my dedication to my clients, I am confident that together we can sell your home quickly and for the best price. Let’s get started today!

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Tips To Sell Your Home

Selling a Home First Impression | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete

First Impression
Are Important

Every detail makes a difference in the potential home buyer’s first impression. Getting that first impression means as they are walking up to your door and that means curb appeal matters. Your house needs to be warm and inviting from the curb to the front door and beyond. Small details such as inexpensive shrubs or brightly colored flowers can greatly improve that immediate appeal.

Storage Space

It will never hurt to show how much space you have in your closets and other storage areas. That is a key selling feature that every home-buyer is looking for. You can start with taking out half of the belongings in your closets and re-organize the rest for optimal showing. Make it neat – of course, the buyers are going to look.

Selling a Home Highlight Storage Space | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete
Selling a Home Lighten Up Your Home | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete

Lighten Up
Your House

You need to do everything you can to effectively show off the natural light in your house as that is also a key selling feature. A number of quick tips include taking down the drapes, cleaning the windows, changing the lampshades and increasing the wattage of your light bulbs.

Pets Don’t Sell Your House

While you may be a pet enthusiast, those looking at your house may not be. Avoid the distraction by eliminating traces of pets such as the smells, bowls of food, and other traces like hair around the house along with boarding the animals for the day. By doing this for your open houses, you will ensure that the potential home-buyers are focused on the house rather than perceived uncleanliness.

Selling a Home pets don't sell your house | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete
Selling a Home upgrade only as necessary | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete

Upgrade Only
As Necessary

Sure upgrades like new coats of paint, new door handles or cabinet hardware, fixing leaky faucets, etc., will all greatly improve your chances of selling your house. However, don’t overdo it. Think about the Return on Investment – those high dollar fixes will likely not guarantee that you get the money back from your investment to sell.

Sell Your House,
Not Your Home

While your family and their pictures are precious to you, they will not enable the potential home-buyer to see themselves in the new house. Going back to Second Step – Highlighting Your Storage – you should look at putting a third of your belongings into storage. The first among those is all of your personal history – memorabilia, keepsakes, and pictures. If you are still unsure of what needs to be done, talk with Greg about finding a home stager to help.

Selling your house, not your home | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete
Selling your house, Kitchen Upgrade | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of A Home

You’re Actually NOT Selling Your House, You’re Selling Your Kitchen. Unlike the other quick fixes, remodeling your kitchen will likely see an 85% ROI and get your house sold since the kitchen is the heart of any home. Outdated countertops or fixtures may prompt potential buyers to offer less money due to the cost of updating. The quickest, most cost-effective kitchen upgrades include painting and new cabinet hardware. Greg can help with suggestions on what to upgrade and what are the most current trends.

Your House Should Dress to Impress

It doesn’t make a difference the day of the week or time of the day, your house should be ready to be seen. Potential home-buyers can walk through your door at any time and you need to be available. Your house should be just as ready as you are. It may cause a little stress, but keeping your house always ensures that your house is seen in the best possible condition.

Selling your house, Dress to Impress | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete
Selling your house, Ensure the Price is Right | Greg Lieberman Realtor: Realty One Group Complete

Ensure the
Price Is Right

The most crucial point to consider when selling your home is ensuring that your house is priced appropriately, considering its worth and what makes it stand out. Every house has its own charms and unique selling features – you bought it or built it, and you know what makes it unique. Those are the key selling points. However, if you need help determining what to highlight, Greg can help.